A&F is an emerging company, specialized in designing and manufacturing accessories for your free time.
Now it’s also active in the distribution.

The company’s innovative capacity is based on continuous experimentation, led by an uncontrollable desire to explore varied dimensions of style, design and colors, without ever losing sight of their peculiarities.
A & F is synonymous of a brilliant, creative and colorful backpack.



The company was born in Milan, with passion, energy, happiness through the years of experience of Mr. Giancarlo Ricci and his family.
Our team is made up of bright young people who create fashion collections, full of style.

The management is always careful about the market’s requirements and the production is controlled with care and attention by professionals of the sector.

Creativity and style Made in Italy, combined with the Chinese productivity. This is the perfect combination that makes our products unique.

Our ethics is based on: skills, work, experience and humility.



The A & F’s goal is to build and affirm it’s good reputation as well to consolidate its style in the sector.

To achieve this result: in addition to some licenses, we want to focus on owner brands, this represents a real exciting challenge.

The experience of the main competitors has taught us, over the years, that only those who have own brands are able to resist the strong market crisis.

 Our mission is to offer unique, original items with a strong stylistic and qualitative impact, with the sole purpose of making more and more talk about our new NE.ON! Brand.

We want to shows the Italian style and our brand identity.

We try to guarantee a high quality production standards and design research.


The Art Director Monica Ricci and her team of that includes stylists and graphic designers, develop creativity, innovative and commercial ideas, transforming them into real prodcuts.

The production process starts from the graphic and stylistic study of a collection. Pass through the creation of prototypes and samples and ends with the production, importation and delivery of the products.


The company also takes care of doing “service” between the various stages of the supply productive chain, providing industry companies with the power to make use of our capabilities at 360 ° according to needs.

We are a step forwards to our competitors, because our product is young, fresh, smart, trendy and with a qualitative study well above the standards.

Passion, is what leads us improve.
The synergy of many collaborators who work closely together will make our company bigger